Teacher of the week, Kay Capell

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2023

This week Nissan Teacher of the week goes to Poplarville Upper Elementary teacher, Kay Capell. Capell has been a teacher for ten years, four were spent in Desoto County, Ms., and seven in Poplarville, Ms.


What Capell loves most about teaching is interacting with her students and seeing them grow in the nine months she gets to spend with them. The most important thing she wants the students to know is that she wants them to be successful and know that they are loved.


“I would have never imagined myself as a teacher 20 years ago,” said Capell in writing. She’s had several occupations over the years but once she had her own children she felt a calling for education and working with children. She says It’s been a blessing.


“I think I learn more than the children each day. Another reason why I love my job.”