Aldermen’s grant proposal for extended water line

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Poplarville Board of Aldermen is currently in the process of applying for the Mississippi Municipality & County Water Infrastructure grant program (MCWI).



An evaluation of the most recent MSDH Annual Inspection Report for the city of Poplaville identifies that the city has adequate facilities for the production and storage of portable drinking water.


Annually, the MS Department of Health evaluates the current water rates for the City of Poplarville combined with the overall system performance. The effectiveness and accuracy of automated metering have been proven throughout the State over the last decade, and implementation of this type of project in Poplarville is quite reasonable to address, and the outstanding concerns that have been highlighted during recent inspections.


In reviewing the city’s distribution system, there are several areas within the municipal limits that currently do not have access to a water distribution system. Those areas are also serviced only with individual water wells. On top of the unserved areas, a failing small-diameter water main has been identified along Old Wiggins Highway, which results from pipes that have become brittle and are no longer able to sustain the operating pressures in that area.


With assistance from City Engineer Jason Lamb here is an outline for capital improvement to water distribution. If accepted, the City will be awarded nearly 1 mission dollar of matching funds. If denied, the city will have nearly 550,033 towards these projects.



Old Wiggins Highway


The existing water main from Sweetbay and continuing East along Old Wiggins Hwy has experienced multiple failures and repairs in recent years and a complete replacement is recommended. Evidence of past repairs is evident on the asphalt surface. The proposed scope of work shall consist of installing an 8’ diameter water main with new service connections along the route and consideration of fire hydrants.



The Project length is approximately 6,000 linear feet. Additional recommendations are a new line is installed along Buck Kirkland Road (approximately 1,600 linear feet) between Hwy 26 and Old Wiggins Hwy. This will offer a large diameter connection and loop the distribution system on the East side of the City. This will provide for improved water quality and more operational flexibility within the system during periods of future maintenance.


Highway 26 West


There is a portion of Highway 26 that lies at the western boundary of the municipal limits which is currently un-served by the water distribution system. The area of interest is approximately 5,000 linear feet and it is recommended that the City consider an 8″ diameter water main extension to serve existing facilities along this corridor and provide growth opportunities for future development.


Buck Kirkland Road


A small area of development along Buck Kirkland Road is currently served by an undersized water main, which is connected to the water distribution system, while the balance of Buck Kirkland Road remains un-served by the water distribution system. It is recommended that the City make a large diameter connection to the existing water main along Hwy 53 South and extend water to the West side of the highway right of way with a new 6″ diameter main that will require a steel-cased bore. It is recommended that the 6-diameter line be installed for a distance of approximately 3,500 linear feet to the southern boundary of the municipal limits.


Automated Meter Reading


The city of Poplarville has invested resources in preparing an inventory of all water meters currently in service throughout Poplarville. An effort has been made to separate the meter by commercial or residential, as well as diameter. The scope of work will include the replacement of approximately 1,300 meters of various diameters. There is a total of 1303 meters in the project.


The Board is currently waiting for acceptance for the MCWI grant program.