City of Poplarville Approves New Police Vehicle and Water Inspection Report

Published 8:20 pm Thursday, February 9, 2023

Here are the highlights of Tuesday’s Board of Alderman meeting.

The Board approved advertising for the vacant Poplarville School Board seat.  Inquires for this position must submit their resume to City Hall and must be current city residents. The City recently was inspected for its water report by the Mississippi State Department of Heath. they received a 4.7/5 report.

The Board then approved the purchase of two police vehicles (2023 dodge Durango) for the price of $446.90 each. They also approved re-advertising to purchase a back-hoe. It’s a piece of equipment that digs ditches. this will be used for the Poplarville water department.

The anticipated Popesys Restaurant located at 703 HWY 26 E across from Loves, is under construction. The exterior is built and the interior is being furbished. There is no date yet set for its grand opening.