Citizens Police Academy is back, apply now

Published 4:33 pm Friday, March 24, 2023

It’s been some time since the Picayune Police Department held its Citizen Police Academy program. The last time it was held was in 2021.

What is the Citizens Police Academy?

The Picayune Police Department recognizes that education has been the most effective way in gaining understanding and support from the community. The Citizens Police Academy offers citizens insights into how police officers perform their duties and how the department serves the community.

What is the Mission?

The purpose of the Citizens Police Academy is to foster better communication between citizens and the police through education. The academy will create a group of better-informed citizens who will possess a greater understanding of police practices and services. Once a citizen graduates from the academy they will have a greater understanding of the role and the junctions of the police department. The Academy will consist of areas of instruction from different units within the police department. The instructors will be Picayune Police officers, supervisors, civilian instructors, and Deputies of the Pearl River County Sheriffs’ Office. The classes are limited to 15 citizens. All classes are free. The graduate will then have the opportunity to apply to participate in the Citizens on Patrol Unit within the department if they choose to serve the community in a voluntary capacity. Applicants for the Citizens on Patrol Unit must be 21 years of age. the unit assists with special events such as parades, traffic control, street fairs, city-sponsored special events, and any other special events in which they are requested to participate.

Who may attend?

Any member of the community who is interested in attending the academy please contact

Assistant Chief James Bolton at 601-798-7411. Attendees must be willing to attend one day of classroom instruction for four weeks. The application for the Citizens Academy can be gotten from the City of Picayune Website or you can pick up an application in person at the Picayune Police Department. The classes are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The following criteria must be adhered to:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older to attend the academy. (Must be 21 years of age to Apply for Citizens on Patrol Unit)
  2. Must possess a valid driver’s license or valid ID.
  3. Must have no prior felony convictions.
  4. Must consent to a detailed background check.

When is the Academy?

The Citizens Police Academy is held twice a year: Spring / Fall

  1. The Spring Class will be held on Thursdays in April.
  2. The Fall Class will be held on Thursdays in September.

Course Curriculum

Citizen Police Academy- Spring Session 2023

-April 6th- Week 1-Introduction/Patrol Operations/Special Events

6:00-6:15 Welcome and Academy Agenda

6:15-6:45 Chief Introduction and Command Staff

6:45-7:00 Break Time

7:00-7:30 Patrol Operations (Capt. Lawrence Hopkins, Patrol Commander)

7:30-8:00 Special Events (Capt. James Drewery, Professional Standards)

-April 13-Week 2-Criminal Investigations/Narcotics Investigations

6:00-6:45 Criminal Investigations Unit (Capt. Rhonda Johnson/Lt. Aaron Grob)

7:45-7:00 Break Time

7:00-7:45 Narcotics Unit (Sgt. Daniel Quave/Det. Jake Petree)

7:45-8:00 Police K-9 Units (To Be Determined/PRCSO)

-April 20-Week 3-SRT/Use of Force-Laws

6:00-6:45 Introduction to SRT and Demonstration (ST Team)

6:45-7:00 Break Time

7:00-7:30Use of Force (Asst. Chief James Bolton)

7:30-8:00 Understanding the Difference between Criminal and Civil Matters (Municipal Judge Tara Keller)

-April 27-Week 4- Citizens on Patrol Unit/Function/Graduation

6:00-6:45 Citizens on Patrol Unit and Function (Asst. Chief James Bolton)

6:45-7:00 Break Time

7:00-8:00 Graduation/Mayor/City Manager Address.