USPS evaluates new location for Poplarville Post office, Mayor sees it as “no progress”

Published 2:39 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The United States Postal Services is said to be evaluating a new location for the Poplarville Post Office.


In a recent letter addressed to the Poplarville City Mayor Louise Smith, USPS Representative stated that,


“Facilities officials at postal headquarters report that a new location for the Poplarville Post Office is currently being evaluated.”


They also stated that the construction of a new facility on the current site is, “unfeasible due to space limitations.”


USPS stated no deadline for their evaluation nor the location of the specific building they are evaluating.


When asking Poplarville Mayor Louise Smith if the message gives any signs of progress. She said no.


“I don’t feel like we’ve made any progress,” Smith stated.



Since this affair is a Federal issue and not State or City, all that Poplarville can do is continue to work with Senator and Governor representatives, including Senator Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith and Congressman Mike Ezell.


“They all said that they are working with us. It’s just a hard department to work within the Federal Government. But all of them followed up with us and will continue to work with us, and I and the Board (Alderman Board) will continue to write letters to representatives of the USPS and try to get more results,” she stated.