McNeill Park Ready for 2023 Great American Cleanup

Published 5:28 pm Wednesday, May 10, 2023

On Wednesday Mat 10, McNeill Park, with the collaboration of Keep Pearl River County Beautiful, Keep Mississippi Beautiful, Pearl River Central School district, and more assisted in the parks beautification and cleaning for the 2023 Great American Clean up. Nearly $5,000 from KMB plus donations from other affiliates went into McNeill Park.

The Great American Cleanup is the largest volunteer-based cleanup program that KMB has. The sole of the KMB organization is the work and passion of 59 community-based Keep Mississippi Beautiful affiliates, their local leaders, and millions of volunteers. The Director of KPRCB is Christy Goss. KMB selects one affiliate a year for the Great American Cleanup. Goss submitted McNeill’s proposal for this year’s Great American Cleanup. Executive Director Sarah Kountouris, said the Goss’s proposal was chosen because of her extensive connections and partnership.

“She had her partner already in her proposal and that’s what you want to see because it’s all about partnerships,” stated Kountouris.

On top of that, the Parks wide open space, its potential, and the fact that it’s heavily used by the community. Goss stated that obvious, there is no downtown here, but the citizens treat the park like it’s their downtown area. Kountouris like that about the area as well.

McNeill Park is adding a 10-foot-long bridge over a ditch, added a shed, volunteers cleaned up trash, and planted a new flag pole. There was going to be painting done on the sheds but the morning rain said otherwise.

When asked about the importance of park beautification, Goss said it’s extremely important because everyone likes to be outside and get fresh air in a safe environment. McNeill is home to the town’s community events. Every year they hold a Christmas Holiday Party at the park. Plus it is a safe environment, the park is directly across from the elementary, and kids use the park a lot.

“Community development and quality of life can be done in so many different ways. When you have an open space where you can use your imagination or you can swing and play, it all brings people together,” said Goss.

McNeil Park was founded in 2003 by the MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Pearl River Basin Development District and Pearl River County Board of Supervisors. Members of the community then formed a non-profit association for the purpose of promoting community enjoyment.