Poplarville Pretty Re-Established by Board of Alderman

Published 4:51 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2023

During the main agenda, the Poplarville Board of Alderman approved a drafted golf cart and low-speed vehicle map, advertise bids for paving projects, and allowed Pam LaHaye to re-establish Poplarville Pretty.

“We are bringing Poplarville Pretty back,” stated LaHaye. We, meaning the Poplarville Pretty Board members. They include LaHaye, Lee Bird, Kevin Crutchfield, Chris Judge, Trevor Burge, Justin Williams, and Anne Bosworth. Burge will be President, Bird will be Vice President and LaHaye will be Treasure.

Their mission statement is beautification. The program will file for 5013C Organization and will be under the Poplarville Area Chamber of Commerce. CARBO Landscape Architect. A company out of New Orleans offered to provide a landscaping design plan for the Town green under the Poplarville Pretty guidance. The Board approved for LaHay to move forward with CARBO in creating a design plan for the Town Green.

The street pavement projects in Poplarville are beginning to come to fruition. Engineer Jason Lam presented to the Board an update on 3 Paving Projects that will be approved for public bid. The Board has a total of nearly $670,000 budgeted from the MEMA and Go Gond for these projects.

MEMA Funds = $473,145 plus another $131,000 on July 2023.

Go Bond = $66,365

Lamb presented a low and high total price estimate for each bid.

Base Bid

Low Price – $437,640, High Price – $511,230

Locations include W Larkin Smith Dr, covering 150 ft. Then, N. Columbia St. and W. Lamar Ave & McVay Dr.

Alternative 1

Low Price -$53,610, High Price – $59,640

Locations will include E. Larkin Smith  N Barnett St.

Alternative 2

Low Price – $78,247, High Price – $91,016

Location includes N. Jackson St.

Alternative 3

Low Price – $46,248.55, High Price – $70,051.95

Location includes W. Larkin Smith Dr.



The Board finally adopted its draft of the golf cart and low-speed vehicle map. There are 3 highway crossings, 5 School zones, and limited traffic zones (prohibited 1 hour before and after release) and one limited traffic zone on Main St (prohibited Mon-Fri 5 a.m.-5 p.m.).


Department Reports

During the department reports, The Poplarville Fire Department accepted a $100,000 grant from the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation. This will be used for the department’s Advanced Life Support (ALS) Program to purchase life-saving equipment.

The Police Department accepted its second round of the COVID grant for $14,985.91. In the first round, the department spent the funds on computers. This second round of funds will be used to update the department radio system with 4 new portable radios. The department is reaching out to get 12 new radios.