Hail in Poplarville

Published 3:05 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2023

On June 12, 2023, starting around five in the evening, Poplarville had six reports of hail and has been under severe weather watch for the past year.

Around 5:40 pm, a severe thunderstorm was located along a line near Sandy Hook, continuing 6 miles northeast, moving around 45 mph. This storm hazard included 80 mph wind gusts and a quarter size of hail.

Around 6 pm, the thunderstorm was located 8 miles northwest of Poplarville, moving at 45 mph. Around this time, there were wind gusts of 70 mph and a quarter size of hail.

With the thunderstorm and hail, damage was to be expected. There was tree damage to homes on N Jackson St in Poplarville, MS. Some trees and power lines were also uprooted in the area. There was also tree damage to some homes on W McClendon and S Allen in Poplarville.

As the storm moved along, there were reports of trees being down in Pearl River County. Around 6:20 pm, the storm was 9 miles away from Poplarville, but around 12 miles east McNeil to near Picayune, MS. The storm moved southeast with 60 mph gusts of win and reports of damage to homes, trees, and sidewalks.