City of Poplarville Implements New Waste Management Contract

Published 7:49 pm Friday, July 14, 2023

The City of Poplarville has recently signed a new waste management contract with Waste Management, bringing about several changes aimed at improving efficiency and cleanliness.

As part of the agreement, each household and business in the city that is billed for garbage on their water/sewer/garbage bill will receive a green garbage container at no extra cost.

The introduction of these green garbage containers will facilitate a safer, more sanitary, and efficient waste collection process. The containers will be mechanically emptied into the waste management trucks. This modernization initiative will not only enhance the efficiency of garbage collection but also prevent littering caused by broken bags or overturned cans without lids.

Mayor Louise Smith and City Clerk Marnie Ready emphasized the positive impact these changes will have on the cleanliness and appearance of the city. The green bins are expected to contribute to a cleaner and neater environment, promoting a sense of pride among residents.

To assist residents with the transition, postcards containing instructions for proper container placement during collection will be distributed. Waste Management has committed to ensuring everyone is comfortable with the new system and will provide support for correct placement.

Residents needing additional containers can obtain them, albeit with a minimal monthly charge, which can be arranged directly with Waste Management.

While the frequency of garbage pickup will remain the same, occurring twice a week as before, there will be a shift in the pickup days. Tuesday and Friday collections will be replaced with Monday and Thursday pickups.

Explaining the rationale behind these modifications, Mayor Smith and City Clerk Ready cited two primary factors. First, the waste disposal contract for the city had to be re-bid, and Waste Management emerged as the lowest bidder, incorporating the automated trash cans into their proposal. Second, the transition to an automated system was motivated by worker safety concerns.

Insufficient staff availability for the manned trucks had led to an increase in worker injuries. With the automated system, no one will be put in harm’s way during garbage collection.

While some residents may be concerned about potential cost increases, city officials clarified that the overall cost of handling trash tends to rise with each contract renewal. The shift to an automated system is expected to reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual labor, ultimately benefiting consumers.