Farewell to Dedicated K9 Deputy Kilo

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, August 10, 2023

Pearl River County Sheriff says goodbye and honors K9 deputy Kilo.

K9 Kilo, born on April 8, 2013, became a Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department member on September 24, 2014. Achieving his certification in narcotic detection and criminal apprehension on March 12, 2015, K9 Kilo displayed an unwavering commitment to his duty.

During his tenure at the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department, K9 Kilo partnered with three sheriff deputies, demonstrating his adaptability and dedication. His final assignment was alongside Sergeant David Bean.

K9 Kilo had involvement in multiple drug arrests and successful criminal apprehensions. His contributions extended beyond law enforcement; K9 Kilo participated in public demonstrations and interacted with children.

Tragically, K9 Kilo was peacefully put to rest on August 8, 2023, due to medical complications. An honor procession has been organized in his memory on August 16, 2023, beginning at 9 AM. The procession will commence at Friendship Park Picayune North on Highway 11 and culminate at West Lamar Street in Poplarville.

In a collective expression of gratitude for his unwavering service and protection, the community bids farewell to K9 Kilo.