Susan Yarrow Selected as Hattiesburg Clinic’s Employee of the Second Quarter

Published 4:59 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Susan Yarrow has been designated the Employee of the Second Quarter by Hattiesburg Clinic for her role in enhancing employee engagement.

The recognition spotlights Yarrow’s knack for acknowledging and valuing the contributions of her peers effectively. Her recent accomplishment was orchestrating the “Night at the Zoo” event, an initiative expressing gratitude to Hattiesburg Clinic employees on behalf of the physicians.

Sandra Knue, part of the marketing and communications department, shared, “It was so fun and great to socialize with coworkers outside of work. I’ve always thought that Susan is the clinic’s biggest cheerleader! We are so lucky to have her on our team!”

Harlon Aultman, marketing manager, said, “Susan is extraordinary at implementing a vision… and she did just that with this event. I know Susan worked countless hours on this event, and it shows.”

Yarrow’s impact transcends the clinic, as the proceeds from the event’s t-shirt sales were dedicated to financially supporting patients at Edwards Street Fellowship Health Clinic. Yarrow’s dedication to fostering employee engagement has augmented teamwork and heightened employee satisfaction, ultimately creating a more dynamic environment for employees and patients.

Ann Skrmetti, director of human resources, emphasized Yarrow’s indispensable role: “Without Susan’s enthusiasm and persistence, these celebrations would not take place. Susan pours her heart and soul into preparation to ensure our employees have a meaningful experience.”

The Employee of the Quarter award is determined through nominations by peers, managers, and patients, followed by selection by a committee spanning various clinic levels.

About Hattiesburg Clinic: Having thrived for over six decades, Hattiesburg Clinic stands as Mississippi’s largest privately owned, multispecialty clinic. Boasting a cadre of more than 450 physicians and providers, the clinic’s reach extends across over 17 counties in South Mississippi. In collaboration with a professional staff exceeding 2,500 employees, these practitioners unite to serve the healthcare needs of over 500,000 community members in South Mississippi.