Sheriff David Allison Re-elected with 82% of the Vote

Published 4:00 pm Monday, November 27, 2023

Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison secured his re-election with 82% of the vote, defeating challenger Joseph Haralson in the recently concluded election.

Sheriff Allison expressed relief as the election concluded: “I’m glad the election is finally over. Now, I can get back to work and do my job.”

In acknowledging his opponent, Allison commented, “My opponent ran a good, clean campaign, and it was a good, clean race.” The sheriff’s remarks focused on the electoral process’s procedural aspects.

Expressing a pragmatic view of his role, Allison affirmed, “I’m thrilled to win and always enjoy my job and what I am doing.” The sheriff’s commitment to his duties remained a central theme in his post-election comments.

Looking ahead, Allison underscored his primary goal for the upcoming term, stating, “The main goal is to make sure everyone, and most importantly, our children, have a safe environment to grow up in.” This commitment to community safety has been a consistent priority throughout Allison’s tenure.