Blazen Saddles 4-H Club Boosts Annual Food Drive Impact

Published 5:14 pm Thursday, November 30, 2023

Blazen Saddles, a local 4-H club known for its equine programs and family-oriented approach, completed its fifth annual food drive, showcasing its commitment to community service and fostering responsibility among its young members.

Brandi Kirkland, the leader of Blazen Saddles, played a crucial role in organizing the initiative, highlighting the importance of adult leaders in driving the program’s success and instilling values for the children’s overall development.

This year’s Canned Food Drive yielded a notable increase in contributions compared to the previous year. With the participation of 50 kids, the club collected a substantial amount of non-perishable items to support families in need within the community.

The donations were delivered to Lieutenant Joe Garcia, who acknowledged the impact of this year’s drive. “We received over 50 pounds of food, distributed to families in need,” Garcia noted, emphasizing the practical assistance provided to those facing challenges.

This year’s food drive is noteworthy as it marks the first collaboration between Blazen Saddles and local law enforcement. Lieutenant Garcia appreciated the partnership, underscoring the community’s unity in addressing shared concerns and making a positive impact.

Lieutenant Garcia believes initiatives like the Canned Food Drive contribute to developing caring and responsible citizens. The collaboration between law enforcement and community organizations enhances outreach and support for those facing hardship.

“We are proud of our county and the collective effort made,” Lieutenant Garcia added, expressing gratitude for the joint endeavor that made the food drive successful. The hope is that collaborative initiatives like these continue to impact citizens and inspire other clubs, like Blazen Saddles, to contribute to the community’s well-being.