Pear River County Officials Take Oath of Office in Thursday Ceremony

Published 2:34 am Friday, December 29, 2023

POPLARVILLE, Miss. — On Thursday, December 28, Pear River County conducted a swearing-in ceremony for its newly elected officials, formalizing the commencement of their terms.

Those who took the oath of office include Supervisors Donald Hart, Malcolm Perry, Jason Spence, Bryce Lott, and Cruz Russell. Each supervisor brings distinct skills and perspectives to their roles, reflecting the county’s diversity.

Sheriff David Allison, responsible for maintaining law and order, was among those sworn in, emphasizing the importance of public safety in the community.

Melinda Bowman assumed the position of Chancery Clerk, overseeing administrative and legal functions, while Nance Stokes took on the responsibilities of Circuit Clerk, contributing to the local judicial system.

Constables Rhonda Poche, Todd Douglas, and Danny Joe Slade pledged their commitment to community service, reinforcing the county’s dedication to public safety.

Justice Court Judges Jason Hunt, Ben Breland, and Donald Fail were also sworn in, committed to administering justice impartially within Pear River County.

Derek Turnage accepted the role of Coroner, undertaking the duty of investigating and determining causes of death within the county.

District Attorney Hal Kitrell and County Attorney Mike Patten also joined those taking the oath, contributing their expertise to the county’s legal proceedings.

Completing the roster of newly elected officials, Election Commissioners Reggie Hanberry and Rebecca Taylor took their oaths, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring fair and transparent electoral processes.

The ceremony, attended by community members and well-wishers, symbolized the democratic transition of power and the collective trust placed in these individuals to guide Pear River County through its challenges and opportunities.