Pearl River County Legislative Delegation Begins New Terms

Published 2:34 pm Friday, January 5, 2024

On Tuesday, January 2, 2024, Pearl River County’s legislative delegation officially started their new terms as the Mississippi Legislature opened the 2024 Legislative Session in Jackson.

Senator Angela Hill (R-Picayune), Representative Timmy Ladner (R-Poplarville), Representative Stacey Wilkes (R-Picayune), and Representative Jansen Owen (R-Poplarville) collectively represent Pearl River County in the state legislature.

One of the initial orders of business in the House of Representatives was the election of Representative Jason White (R-West) as the state’s 62nd Speaker. Speaker White succeeded former Representative Philip Gunn (R-Clinton), who retired at the end of the previous year.

During his inaugural speech, Speaker White emphasized the Republican Party’s substantial control over the House, holding a supermajority for the second consecutive term. “We have the votes to go in almost any direction we choose. Let us use this political capital wisely,” stated White. He urged a focus on significant matters and the fulfillment of campaign promises, emphasizing the ideals of limited government and individual freedom.

Senator Angela Hill, who has been in office since 2011 and was recently re-elected with over 80% of the vote in November’s election, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue serving. “Not everyone gets the chance to do this job. I’ll never waste or take lightly this opportunity that God allowed me to have,” remarked Hill.

Representative Stacey Wilkes, first elected in 2017, echoed her gratitude, emphasizing a commitment to upholding Christian conservative values amid challenging decisions. Representative Timmy Ladner, the most senior member of the House delegation, first elected in 2011, appreciated the people’s trust in District 93 and pledged to continue fighting for values, families, and the state.

Representative Jansen Owen, the most junior delegation member elected in 2019, expressed it as an “incredible honor” to be the voice in the People’s House. He committed to fighting for the values, families, and the state over the next four years.

The legislative session is scheduled to continue until early May, with lawmakers addressing many issues facing the state.