Pearl River County Board of Supervisors Addresses Resignation, Kraton Sale, and Equipment Replacement

Published 4:56 pm Thursday, February 22, 2024

At the recent Pearl River County Board of Supervisors meeting, County Court Judge Richelle Lumpkin resigned from her position as she prepares to become a 15th Circuit Court judge. Sheriff David Allison requested the board to consider banning the sale of Kratom in the county. Additionally, the board discussed the purchase of a new trailer and the consolidation of several volunteer fire departments.

Judge Lumpkin’s resignation has been accepted, and the board appreciates her service. Judge Lumpkin will serve the 15th Circuit Court as the first female judge to serve on that circuit court. Lumpkin said that over the past 13 years of serving the county, she has always worked with boards that have wanted to work with her as the county court judge and that she looks forward to working with the board as the circuit court judge.

Sheriff Allison’s request regarding Kratom sales is under consideration, with further discussion expected.

The board also reviewed quotes for a new trailer to replace a 1998 model with a broken eye beam near the axle. The lowest quote, $14,946.00 from Stringers Trailers, was approved for purchase.

County Administrator Adrian Lumpkin met with North End Volunteer Firehouses to discuss consolidating five north fire districts: Northeast Volunteer Fire Dept, Steephallow Volunteer Fire Dept, Derby Volunteer Fire Dept, North Central Volunteer Fire Dept, and Amacker Volunteer Fire Dept. Discussions are ongoing regarding this potential consolidation.